Leading the Data-driven Organization

Duration: 1 day

What does it mean to be data-driven? What is data science and how can it contribute to your organization? How can you leverage data science to get that edge over your competitors who are still using MS Excel? What skills your organization needs to have to become data-driven? Get answers to all these questions and more in this course designed by our industry and management consultants. You will get a broad overview of what data science is, and how it has been successfully applied in other data-driven organizations.


  • C-Levels (CEO, CIO, CTO, etc) who want to exploit the new opportunities that data science can bring.
  • HR managers or professionals who need to understand who to hire or train as a data scientist.
  • Project managers who are leading projects or are going to lead projects that include data scientists, or that build data products.
  • Product owners who will have to decide how to create value for the business with data science or data products.

Course Goals

  • Evaluate the strategic value that data science and big data can add to your organization.
  • Understand what skills are required by data scientists.
  • Effectively decide who to hire or train to be a data scientist.
  • Build teams to create data-driven products.


  • The Data-driven Economy
  • Data Science: What Goes Around Comes Around
  • Data Assets
  • Big Data and its "three Vs"
  • Strategic Value of Data Science
  • Industry Use Cases

Prerequisites and Requirements

  • No prior programming or technical skills are needed.
  • No laptop required.

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